“Lousy Mousy”

Lousy Mousy

Lousy mousy on my blousy,
What am I going to do?
You climb all over my clothes at night
You sleep in my shoe!

You scratch and scutter amongst the clutter,
I need to clean the house.
Upon the crumbs and gribble you like to nibble,
You naughty little mouse!

Are you a figment
Of my imagination?
My sweaters say you are
A ruinous damnation.

Teeth gnawing, feet clawing,
I can’t even take a nap.
We’ll see who’s happy tonight my friend,
When you find my little trap!

(c) Mary McAndrew
January 7, 2012

A silly poem I penned this morning after finding traces of mice in my studio! grrr…

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