I used to hate sewing as a child, really. You wouldn’t believe it if you saw my pile of projects to do, in progress or done! Just wouldn’t belieeeve it! But maybe it’s being 6’2″ and an artist who wants to be more creative? One thing’s for sure, when you learn to sew for yourself you get mighty picky about the quality of ‘store bought’ clothes! So one thing leads to another and before you know it you’re a sewing fanatic (like me).

The only thing that annoys me is the guilt I feel when sewing because it really distracts me from my real first passion and that’s painting and drawing! I should be working on my children’s books right this minute in fact! Well, as I have time I’ll share my past and present projects. Not going to post “how to” really, just share my stuff; I would love comments and discussions though of course!

Click on links below to see posts about my sewing projects, (please be patient as I add them-they’ll be blue when you can click them) I’ll try to add more as I go.

My Wedding Ensemble



Vests / Waistcoats

“Make Do and Mend” – a phrase that comes from the World War II era in the UK, where folks were encouraged to make things from items that had worn out. You’ve got to see the things I’ve made over the years, you might look at things around you differently!


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