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Make Do and Mend

“Make Do and Mend”, a phrase that comes from the World War II era in the UK, where folks were encouraged to make things from items that had worn out. I have always loved making new clothes from other things, like the taffeta skirt I made from my graduation gown, the mini skirt from a pair of pants or the pants from painters drop cloth! Click links below to see my “Make Do and Mend” projects or read articles about the history behind the phrase. (I’ll add the links as I collect photos of these things!)

Pants from Painter’s Dropcloth

Taffeta Skirt from Graduation Gown

Wedding Skirt from Mother’s Wedding Gown

Wedding Jacket from Old Wedding Gown + Table Cloth (really!)

Cummerbund/Sash from Antique Curtain

Glossy Yellow Miniskirt from Table Cloth Vinyl

BBC website has an archive of people’s memories of WWII, in their own words, this page relates to “Make Do and Mend”.


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