Scone Base Pizza

Scone Base Pizza

Hot out of the oven

I learned this easy recipe from a friend I made in Northumberland England. She’s in her 80’s and a superb baker, known throughout the area as such, and I love talking to her about baking. Well this recipe she gave me because my boyfriend had it at her house once and always talked about it. I’m glad she shared it with me as it’s fast and easy to make, and you can change it to suit your family. A simple easy dinner. Perfect for two!

Scone Base Pizza (dough)

1 1/3 c (6 oz.) Self Raising Flour
3 Tablespoons (1 1/2 oz) Cold Butter
pinch of salt
enough milk to make dough, about 5 Tablespoons or so.

measuring the flour

1. Measure flour into a medium bowl and sprinkle the pinch of salt over it. Always spoon your flour into measuring cups to keep it light and airy, level it off carefully so as not to pack it down.

2. Cut 3 T of butter off a stick (or measure it out if you don’t have sticks) and with a sharp knife, cut into bits into the flour.

Using the pastry blender

3. Use a pastry blender to mix the butter into small crumbs, you can further incorporate it into the flour using your finger tips and ‘pinching’ it in as shown below. You can also just use your fingers instead of the pastry blender at all. This is great exercise for your fingers and something you could teach the kids to help with.

Pinching the butter in with your fingers

4. Add about 5 Tablespoons of milk to make a dough, toss it lightly at first to wet the ingredients then mix and squish with your fingers to form dough.

Add milk and form dough

5. Pat the dough in your hands to flatten into a disc, then on a floured board roll out into a circle or oval. Put the dough on parchment or ‘greaseproof’ paper.

Roll dough out with rolling pin

On parchment paper, ready for the oven

6. Top with what you want. sauteed onion, peppers, mushrooms, cooked chicken or turkey, sliced fresh tomato, a little red sauce or just some olive oil. Lastly top with lots of shredded cheese of your choice.

A well used pizza stone, hot in the oven

7. Have your oven preheated 400 F / 200 C with a pizza stone in it if possible. If you don’t have a pizza stone it’s ok. Just slide the pizza, keeping it on the paper, onto the hot stone or on a hot cookie sheet. Bake for about 20 minutes.


  • We like it with sauteed onion on the dough that’s brushed with olive oil. Top with sliced fresh tomatoes and cheese.
  • You can divide the dough into smaller pieces and put different toppings on them, great for letting kids help.
  • I have heard that if you don’t have a pizza stone, you can try turning a big cast iron pan over, let it heat in the oven and use the bottom of it as the stone. I leave my cast iron pans in the oven when I bake, the heat is good for them and it helps keep the heat of the oven consistently distributed.

Let me know if you try it and how it came out for you!

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