“The Lightning Bugs”

“The Lightning Bugs”

I peer out my bedroom window
into the darkness
listening to the crickets
and frogs songs caress.

A peaceful end
to a long hot day,
a slight cool dark breeze
brings smells of summer night my way.

My fields and trees
are absolutely alive,
an incessant glittering sea
of the lightning bugs arise.

There is a twinkling of light
so clear
on this warm foggy night
Through and in and on
and around all the trees,
lime yellow lights are upon.

Then it continues
in a glimmering show
of electricity
across the grass of the yard
and out into the dark field it goes.

I long to be flying with them,
these little fairies of the night.
When we meet on stem,
it is them I shall know
as Flicker, Glimmer and Glow.

I’ve seen them before
when I was a child
caught them in my hand,
watched them glow
between my fingers
then let them go.

I shall meet them again
on dewy long nights
wandering quietly through the dark
sparkle of their lights.

(c) Mary McAndrew July 8, 2012

I wrote four stanzas of non rhyming lines in my journal last night after looking out my window at the lightning bugs. But I did keep a pace to it or rhythm.  I always wish to paint a scene with Lightning Bugs but think it’d be rather hard, how would I do it? I guess when I look out at the Lightning Bugs I feel a sort of longing, just like looking at the moon when I’m alone. So the poem, as I developed it above, has a feel of longing for childhood, magical memories. It might have been different if I wasn’t looking at them alone. Also I introduced the names Flicker, Glimmer and Glow. As I wrote the poem I thought of them and how I could create characters of a more light and delightful kind to write a story about.

I’m sharing the poem because I’d really like some feedback. If you could read it aloud, especially to children, and see how it feels? Sounds? When I wrote it I meant for it to be read slowly, deliberately, quietly. This lends to a more somber mood though and I wonder would children find it peaceful? Would they prefer it read more lively? I’d love some feedback, please leave comments!


Bird Nest in Winter Poem and Card

This is a sketch I did the other day while out walking in my field, I posted on my website blog about it here. After I created a card for it and wrote a poem, inspired by this drawing of a birds nest. Please click to see it in my shop, you can add whatever words you want inside and change the color on the front!

“Lousy Mousy”

Lousy Mousy

Lousy mousy on my blousy,
What am I going to do?
You climb all over my clothes at night
You sleep in my shoe!

You scratch and scutter amongst the clutter,
I need to clean the house.
Upon the crumbs and gribble you like to nibble,
You naughty little mouse!

Are you a figment
Of my imagination?
My sweaters say you are
A ruinous damnation.

Teeth gnawing, feet clawing,
I can’t even take a nap.
We’ll see who’s happy tonight my friend,
When you find my little trap!

(c) Mary McAndrew
January 7, 2012

A silly poem I penned this morning after finding traces of mice in my studio! grrr…

Poem-“The Christmas Letter”

Today as I wrote my Christmas post cards with a cozy fire in my wood stove and the lights of my tree twinkling, I felt the need to write this poem. When I write a poem it usually just starts in my head..some words come to me and I have to write them down. Then sometimes only minutes later I have a new poem, the words just come out all playing around on paper until they settle into something that I think sounds right.

Usually when I write them I feel a rythym like they could be words to a song, this one I even sang a tune to while I wrote it. I was missing my sweetheart and that’s why I started it, but it soon became about all the people missing their sweeties who are away at war. I hope you share this link so others can read it here.

“The Christmas Letter”

Feelings of love that I want to share,
Written on paper saying I care.
My love in a letter sent far away,
Hoping you get it by Christmas day.

I give my love freely; I’ll write you this poem,
Tears on the paper say “I wish you were home”.
Please sweet angel upon the tree top,
Bring him home, make this heartache stop.

All that I wish for, my love be with me,
Instead of so far away, over the sea.
Memories of you holding me so tight
Kissing me softly, telling me goodnight.

I give my love freely; I’ll write you this poem,
Tears on the paper say “I wish you were home”.
Please sweet angel upon the tree top,
Bring him home, make this heartache stop.

The best Christmas present would be you in my arms,
Home with me and away from harm.
Sending this letter with my love for you,
Hoping you’ll know that my heart is true.

I give my love freely, I’ll write you this poem,
Tears on the paper say “I wish you were home”.
Please sweet angel upon the tree top,
Bring him home, make this heartache stop.

Trying to be happy I put up the tree,
Hanging the ornaments you’ve given to me.
He is my true heart and I love him dear,
Please Christmas angel, bring him back here.

© Mary McAndrew 12/15/09

Poem-“Lonely Walk”

Celtic Angel Dude snowflakes

“The Lonely Walk”

Little flurries scurry down from the sky

They find their place on the ground as I walk by

I return home from my lonely walk

Realizing there is no one to share my talk

But it’s alright

I’ll speak to you tonight

Though over a distance

We need no assistance

Snow will melt

Love will be felt



Mary McAndrew 12-7-09

Celtic Angel Dude snowflakes(The snowflake design is taken from my painting “Celtic Angel Dude” found in my Celtic Gallery here, it makes a great Christmas card!)

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